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Hooking up is a broad term used for casual sex that can include oral sex, anal sex, and any other type of penetrative sex. Some may consider kissing or cuddling as hooking up. The ambiguity of the term “hooking up” may cause problems due to varying expectations between individuals. The defining feature of hooking up is the unspoken agreement that the couple separated at the end of the encounter, with no strings attached. This appeals to many young adults who are simply looking for a good time with no long-term commitments.

College serves as a catalyst for this culture because it provides the perfect environment; it is filled with people of the same age group who live in close proximity with one another. Parties held by fraternities and sororities amplify this culture. The influence of alcohol, the vibrant atmosphere, and the endless sea of new, single people make hooking up a tempting decision.

Hooking up arrangements can be made practically anywhere, and are not limited to the phone app sphere or the party scene. Some people hook up with their college floor mates or housemates. In a hormone-driven college environment, students can successfully fulfill their sexual desires without the added time commitment that they often are too busy for.